Wallace's Tent on Salisbury Plain

Wallace's Tent on Salisbury Plain
Writing a letter with candle on clipboard, see Oct. 16 letter

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Xmas Day ’44 Monday

Somewhere in France

Dearest Marjorie,

Merry, Merry Christmas! It is a fine clear crisp day here, and relatively quiet. Our outfit has been committed now, you know, for some time and consequently I haven’t had time to write. You needn’t have any goose pimples over me tho, it’s a gentleman’s war in this sector; and tho I’ve had a few thrills nothing has really had me worried. Soon we may be relieved and get to a place where I can write you a nice newsy letter. That’s what I want—until then, thanks a thousand times for your Xmas packge. It hit exactly the right places—that hood I wear 24 hours a day and do not plan to remove it until spring! Your letters come thru in fine style and are appreciated more than you can imagine. My platoon is the best one in the world, and we operate better than I had dared hope. We have been fantastically lucky so far and plan to continue in the same fashion. I’ll write more if I can today.

Always all my love,


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