Wallace's Tent on Salisbury Plain

Wallace's Tent on Salisbury Plain
Writing a letter with candle on clipboard, see Oct. 16 letter

Saturday, August 13, 2016

December 17, 1944 Sunday


Dear folks,

I can see that V-mail was never made for Ma’s uninhibited flourishes. Marjorie gets quite a letter on a form, but your few lines, Ma, make up in color and mood what they lack in content. So don’t give up on V-mail, at least I get it—and sometimes a week or more earlier than air mail.

France is not nearly as cold as New England. I see by the paper that you are getting a lot of snow. We have had only a little, and the weather is probably much milder than yours. Hope Pa hasn’t caught a cold or anything yet. Marjorie writes of your doings pretty often and the big picture at 23 Pleasant St seems reassuringly the same.  Can see that you are all sweating out the Lorna-Bob affair. Wish I could remember her at all.

Christmas is rolling around again, and I sure like the season and atmosphere. Hope you all have a big time—wish we could go over some of the fine points of “The Specialist” together. That book is a classic in its field. Well, Merry Xmas to all, and as we are crying around here—“Heaven, Hell, or Home in ‘45”



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